by Mariette Johnson Wharton, VP of Marketing

At Vidtel, innovative cloud-based video conferencing service provider, we’re pretty excited to see the launch of new mobile video apps, including VTok, to join Tango, Fring, and Qik (acquired by Skype).

VTok enables Google Talk users to video chat and make voice calls with iPhone, iPad2 and Android mobile phone users over WiFi and 3G networks. The VTok app provides a list of available video chat users from your contacts. In the background, the app provides push notifications.

Google announced on Thursday a mobile video chat app for Android devices. Google’s mobile blog reports that the app works on Android tablets or phones, or Gmail with Google Talk on a computer. It works on 3G or 4G data network or over Wi-Fi.

Vidtel is device-(or app)-agnostic and our aim is provide interoperability on as many of these endpoints as possible to connect enterprise users and at home (or remote workers ) together seamlessly, on-demand.  Vidtel’s cloud-based video conferencing services are targeted to small-medium enterprises seeking high-quality video conferencing.  Our approach connects distributed teams and external partners allows for a variety of video approaches to suit different needs without big IT expenses. Find out more about our cloud-based video conferencing services at