by Mariette Johnson Wharton, VP of Marketing ~

If you thought 2011 was the year of mobility, get ready for 2012. IDC predicts more than 1.2 billion people will be mobile workers by the end of the year. And if “bring your own device” (BYOD) was buzzworthy last year, brace yourself for this year.  Already over the holiday season tablet ownership doubled from 10% to nearly 20%, according to the latest Pew Internet & American Life Project. If you’re not convinced yet that people are tablet-crazy, Deloitte predicts over 5 million tablets will be sold to people who already own one.

Despite corporate security concerns, infrastructure issues, regulatory compliance risks and IT management fear, tablet and smartphone sales are exploding and people are bringing these tools to work no matter what.  And maybe companies will demand you BYOD, if Ken Huss of ZDNet is right.

Or, maybe you’ll video conference from your device at home.

Sigma Designs is betting that consumers are no longer going to tolerate huddling around a PC once cost and usability barriers are removed. Here comes a suite with HD camera, console and remote control that will let you video conference from home. With Skype TV for the High Definition promising to flame the fire further for video conferencing and new entrants like Sigma Designs, mobile and at-home workers have more options than ever.

Either way, BYOD at home or in the office, and expect to see loads more mobile devices and at-home devices leveraged for easy, friendly video conferencing. At Vidtel, we like to see this; it keeps us in business weaving more and more video communication technologies together.