Vidtel was created to make business video easier, more affordable, and more accessible – and therefore make businesses more productive and more successful.

And you know what?  We’ve accomplished that mission.

Vidtel pioneered Cloud Video Conferencing – before the word “cloud” was even used!  And Vidtel pioneered the concept of “any-to-any”® video conferencing – breaking down barriers that had impeded businesses worldwide.

Vidtel Awards

Think about where business video conferencing was just a few years ago.  It worked…but:

  • It was a massively expensive luxury, available only to the largest of large enterprises.
  • It was a niche application – companies only used it internally, as a cost savings mechanism.  It wasn’t used to communicate with customers or partners.
  • It was resource-limited: video was only accessible to those who could get a conference room reserved…and typically companies would only have a handful of video rooms for thousands of employees!  (Imagine working at a company with a state-of-the-art gym…but only three people could use it at a time.  That would be madness – but that’s how companies deployed video!)

Vidtel’s any-to-any video conferencing services changed the game.

With Vidtel’s cloud video conferencing services:

  • The problem of cost disappeared: companies no longer had to buy expensive hardware MCUs, and even better, they didn’t need to buy expensive room systems: participants could join using their laptop, tablet, or smart phone.
  • Adoption skyrocketed: when companies were no longer bounded by availability of physical rooms, but could instead connect from any device, video became accessible to many more users.

And most of all…the way people used video changed.  Vidtel cloud video services did more than just replace legacy video hardware systems.  Vidtel cloud services created an entire new use case – the use of video for business-to-business and business-to-consumer collaboration.  When participants no longer needed to use homogeneous endpoint technology, but could “bring your own video” to a conference, that allowed video to be used in incredible new ways.


Vidtel Timeline & Highlights

2008 – Company Founded

2010 – Vidtel Connect introduced

2011 – Vidtel MeetMe introduced, Vidtel Channel Partner Program launched

2012 – Vidtel Gateway launched

2012 – Vidtel wins WebRTC Best Conferencing Award at inaugural WebRTC Expo

2013 – Vidtel wins Frost & Sullivan Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award