Company Overview

What is Vidtel?

Vidtel is a cloud-based video conferencing service provider founded in 2008 to solve the complex interop problem and provide a cost-effective and easy to use solution that an organization of any size could afford and implement. We offer flat-rate and per-minute cloud video conferencing service enabling spontaneous B2B high-definition video conferencing between standard and some proprietary video endpoints.

What is inter-enterprise or B2B video conferencing?

High-definition video conferencing is exploding in enterprises, although video meetings almost always take place within enterprise boundaries. High-quality B2B video conferencing has been prohibitive for most companies due to technical and business barriers (e.g., lack of interoperability between products, current high costs to connect enterprises and a lack of a 3rd party to provide a trusted, secure connection between different enterprises).

This is where Vidtel comes in. We are creating the first open video conferencing network to allow connectivity between enterprises using the high-definition video conferencing equipment your company already has. Our network enables a diverse set of business-grade video endpoints to interoperate between businesses worldwide.

The Vidtel Cloud Video Conferencing Service

What problem does Vidtel solve?

Today, many companies with video conferencing spend a lot on IT to manage the service. Users have to go through a cumbersome process to set up video conference calls every time.

Vidtel’s hosted video conferencing service enables you to make video conferencing calls easily, without having to set up conference calls through IT. We give you standard addresses that you enter into the video conference device to execute the call (much like an email address).
We also solve the problem of today’s internal-only video conferencing. Our service lets you use your existing video conferencing equipment with other video-enabled organizations.

How do I include partners, customers, suppliers or other organizations?

Other organizations with standard video conferencing equipment can seamlessly connect to any Vidtel user with point-to-point calls or our video conference bridge for multiple parties. No pre-configuration or IT hassles. Just dial and connect.

How do I purchase Vidtel service?

Vidtel is no longer actively selling new services or accepting new customers at this time.


The Technology

How is Vidtel’s service platform architected?

Vidtel’s platform architecture is different from other video and telecommunications services. Vidtel’s architecture is based on open standards from the world of IT instead of centralized architectures often found in the telecommunications industry.

This is a stark departure from existing communications services implementations, offering greater flexibility, rapid scalability, forward compatibility and innovation compared to what is currently possible.

What technologies is Vidtel using?

Vidtel has a global network that uses a variety of technologies to offer our hosted video conferencing service, including SaaS, open source software, cloud computing, telecom infrastructure offerings and proprietary applications. Vidtel operates its own network at the core to control quality of service.