To use Vidtel’s cloud, all you need is a high-speed Internet connection (384k) and video endpoints (room systems, video phones, PCs/Macs, tablets or smartphones). That’s it. No need to hassle with logging into a portal first.

For Vidtel MeetMe and Connect, here’s what you do:

Open an account and get a number (or get a Vidtel subscriber’s number to call / meet). For Vidtel Connect, we will assign you a subscriber address (10-digit number or email-like address). For the Vidtel MeetMe service, we will assign you video and audio room number(s) in the cloud.  Vidtel assigns unique Skype Vidtel and Google Talk Vidtel addresses for each meeting room.
Directly dial (Vidtel Connect) or dial into your video conferencing room to meet participants (Vidtel MeetMe) anytime.Vidtel’s services work with non-Vidtel subscribers too. Non-Vidtel users can easily connect with you by dialing your address or meeting you in a Vidtel meeting room with up to 12 simultaneous connections (or more).
Engage in face-to-face dialogue with your remote colleagues, partners, customers, suppliers or potential hires – bring your own device and just dial directly, enter a PIN if applicable and you’re in.

For Vidtel Gateway users, H.323, SIP, Google Talk and Skype participants will dial into an existing MCU/bridge, so the method will vary based on the MCU/bridge used.

What Does Vidtel Work With?

Vidtel’s MeetMe and Gateway services works with all SIP (soft clients and devices), H.323, Skype, Google Talk and PSTN (regular audio-only telephone) endpoints. Vidtel’s Connect service enables SIP endpoints to be registered and interoperate with other SIP devices and H.323 endpoints.

Watch our tutorial videos.