With Vidtel’s hosted video conferencing service, your organization does not need to invest in costly infrastructure to connect with other businesses (e.g., session border controllers to traverse firewalls, SIP proxy servers for device registration authentication and routing, provisioning servers to manage firmware updates).

Fortunately, your business doesn’t need to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase, maintain and upgrade these servers. You don’t even need to know what they do. We invest in the video conferencing server infrastructure and keep it updated so you don’t have to. If your organization has already invested in infrastructure, you can bring Skype and Google Talk users into your bridge with the unique Vidtel Gateway as an add-on.

Bring your Bandwidth and Endpoints

Our service runs over your existing broadband Internet connection on our network. You only need 384 Kbs per endpoint.

Bring any combination of endpoints from different vendors (standard SIP video conferencing devices such as the InFocus Mondopad, H.323 systems, tablets, phones, or PCs/Macs). Enjoy on-demand connectivity between remote workers, conference rooms and external partners using either enterprise or consumer-grade video conferencing.

Solving video conferencing device incompatibility is revolutionary and means that your company can now 1) use a heterogeneous mix of devices within your company to best suit your needs and 2) connect to partners and customers with different brands from your own.