Vidtel’s hosted video conferencing services provide interoperability with standard equipment available today as well as some proprietary endpoints. Our approach enables on-demand, seamless connectivity anytime, anywhere over existing broadband connections. Vidtel’s approach allows for a best-of-breed, mix-and-match approach with video conferencing desktop clients and dedicated devices such as executive desktop systems and room systems.

Vidtel implementations span across industries and include service businesses, medical practices, tech companies and manufacturing enterprises. Our service is aimed at the SME market (companies with 20-200 employees) as well as larger enterprises.  Several examples of how Vidtel can be implemented are profiled below.

Technology Companies

Vidtel’s solution is ideal for companies with dispersed manufacturing, R&D, sales and marketing operations.  For multinational companies operating across continents, Vidtel’s cloud-based services provide a cost-effective, easy-to-use method for connecting seamlessly with video.

For weekly status updates, design review and customer input, Vidtel’s network allows a mix-and-match technology approach, in which one team might use a PC-based client, and another a desktop system or a room-based system.

Audio conference calls tend to be unsatisfactory for dispersed teams.  Participants often can not hear each other clearly and it is easy for misunderstandings to occur. People often multi-task during audio conferencing calls, too, reducing the meeting’s effectiveness. It’s pretty hard to do that in a video meeting!

Vidtel enables spontaneous interaction face-to-face, helping to solidify relationships, build teams and reduce time to market.   Our approach allows a high-quality connection between the sales and marketing team, R&D, and traveling businesspeople face-to-face across one or more continents.

Professional Service Firms

Vidtel’s service is also ideal for service firms such as law firms, marketing communications companies, consulting and venture capital firms serving geographically diverse clients and with staff members located in different areas.

One of Vidtel’s customers is a venture capital firm with multiple locations that was considering hosting a video conferencing solution internally.  Overwhelming for this small company was the expense, hassle, and know-how required for:

  • purchasing and configuring video conferencing servers
  • managing video conferencing maintenance and service
  • configuring mutual firewall access for each endpoint

A Vidtel law firm customer uses our video conferencing service to connect lawyers that are geographically dispersed.

These firms can meet potential clients and partners face-to-face with video as well as conduct high-quality internal meetings between offices.

Medical Practices

Vidtel’s service can be used to connect multiple branches of a medical practice.   Patient consultations can be conducted over video for instantaneous second opinions with sub-specialists without traveling to another office locale.  Internal staff meetings can be held over video to reduce travel burden for physicians and office managers.

For a regional dermatology practice with three separate locations, the Vidtel service enables weekly and spontaneous staff meetings.  The Vidtel solution has saved valuable physician time and energy by reducing travel needs. It has also provided the opportunity for spontaneous visual contact between offices.