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All businesses can benefit from face-to-face video conferencing – but not every business has the budget, team, and resources to buy, build, and maintain video conferencing equipment.

Traditional video conferencing equipment is complex – you need to manage H.323 Gatekeepers, SIP Proxies, gateways, and a variety of routing and configuration policies.

With Vidtel Connect – that cost and pain point disappears. Vidtel Connect is a cloud-based video calling service, so you get all of the power and functionality of video collaboration, with none of the cost and overhead of managing premises-based systems.

Vidtel Connect – a great solution for the overburdened, underserved SMB or Midmarket customer.

  • High-quality video dialtone on demand (always on)
  • Connect one-on-one with any other standard video conferencing system anywhere in the world anytime
  • Easy-to-Use: just dial a phone number or email address; no complex commands
  • Provides device registration, NAT traversal, firewall traversal – works with your existing security solutions
  • No premises infrastructure required-no H.323 Gatekeepers, SIP Proxies, or Gateways required to buy and manage
  • No CapEx; just a Monthly subscription fee (similar to mobile phone subscription)