Download the Vidtel Gateway Datasheet

  • The Vidtel Gateway leverages and enhances existing MCU investments at little added cost and no added complexity, solving the problem with the best of both worlds.
  • We allow companies to leverage existing infrastructure (e.g., Cisco Codian or Polycom RMX MCUs), as well as investment in back office systems. Vidtel’s approach maintains the same user experience people are used to, adding Skype and Google Talk parties tointeroperate with an organization’s existing infrastructure.
  • No additional CapEx.
  • No MCU cascading (joining of MCUs), which leads to a poor user experience and needless expense.

Case Studies

Gateway Case Study – TA Associates (PDF)

Vidtel WebRTC

Now Vidtel includes an industry first WebRTC integration with our Gateway service currently in beta testing.  

Download the Vidtel WebRTC FAQ and Vidtel WebRTC Datasheet, or make a WebRTC test call into a Vidtel MeetMe bridge.