Vidtel MeetMe is a cloud-based, any-to-any® video conferencing service. With MeetMe, your company can use video for both internal and B2B videoconferencing, with no capex investment, no bulky hardware to manage, and no new video endpoints to purchase.

Vidtel MeetMe works with the SIP and H.323 equipment you already have, plus Google Talk, Skype, and WebRTC- based web browsers, making it easier than ever for your employees, partners, customers, and suppliers to join a conference any time, anywhere.

NOTE:  Vidtel is no longer accepting new customers for the MeetMe service.


Tools and Resources

Vidtel MeetMe Datasheet - overview, specifications, and benefits of the MeetMe service

MeetMe Dial Guide - how to connect to a Vidtel MeetMe conference from anywhere, on any endpoint

Vidtel WebRTC Datasheet - Vidtel supports easy, simple access to video conferences directly from a web portal via WebRTC

Frost & Sullivan Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Awardread the Frost & Sullivan writeup on Vidtel

Case Studies

US District Court (Solutionz Conferencing)